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Nude Girls on Sexy Ferraris


Photo Credit: Scotty JX

Blonds go well with a Ferrari? of course so do brunettes, and redheads. The hot Blond on this Ferrari is Silvia Saint, and you are invited to drop by ActionGirls to see more of her.

    Ferrari, "The Ladies" Ferrari started out building Race Cars, and intended on doing nothing else but to build the fastest Race Cars. Knighted, Sir Enzo Ferrari began racing in 1919, and was quickly snaged up by Alfa Romeo in who's employ he would remain for some twenty years. However Alfa Romeo had officially pulled out of the racing circuit in 1929, only continuing to allow Ferrari to build Alfa Romeo race cars for his own team. Eventually Ferrari did leave Alfa Romeo, but due to a non compete agreement could not begin build cars baring his own name for four years. His first car was the Auto Avio Costruzioni 815, but built with inferior Fiat parts the car failed (ironically Fiat would buy Ferrari by the late sixties). Ferrari's factory was blown up in WWII only to reopen in 1945 with the first car to bare his name the Ferrari 125 Sport. This twelve cylinder monster would lead Ferrari to victory lane by the 1947. Ferrari continued to build race cars and win races, but Kings, Princes, and the richest of the rich, the few that could afford a Ferrari began buying Ferrari's race cars and having them converted for street use. And begins the origins of "The Ladies" as Ferrari certainly attracted the Ladies, as they say, money helps the clothes come off, and Ferrari was an absolute indication of wealth. Women flocked to a Ferrari, which of course made the Ferrari even more desirable to men, hence pressure to build street cars compelled Ferrari to do just that. Ferrari did not like ostentatious people who bought his cars for for prestige, but he needed the money to support the racing. Eventually Ferrari even built family cars, four seater sports cars that is, but Ferrari has always managed to keep their sporty flair, one of the few to pull off building nothing but sports cars.

    Ferrari? Well in all things there is change. Ten years after Enzo's death Pininfarina knocked a chip out of his tumb stone by building a handful of custom four door Ferraris, and as if Ferrari hasn't learned from that mistake, Ferrari has now built the ultimate insult, a Ferrari SUV, it is still in prototype, but poor Enzo must be turning in his grave.

1971 Ferrari Earls Court Motor Show    Ferrari himself is too a noted man with "The Ladies" his wife Laura Garelli, mistress Lina Lardi, and mistress Fiamma Breschi, and he did truly Love them all. Of course Ferrari also took full advantage of the beauty of the nude female form to compliment the beauty of the Ferrari in much of their advertisement such as shown here from the 1971 Earls Court Motor Show. Two Beautiful Blonds completely nude Modeling the new Ferrari. (of course Ferrari by far was not the only car to hire nude girls for the Motor Shows).

In the tradition of the NudeAutoMall you will find these sexy cars adorned with beautiful naked girls. And of course if you own a Ferrari yourself, and have a pretty little lady to go with your Ferrari we would love to see your Ferrari on the NudeAutoMall

Ferrari Show Girls

Ferrari 348 TS

1964 Ferrari 330 GT 2+2

Ferrari 330 GT

Ferrari 328

Ferrari 328

Ferrari 430

Ferrari 430

Ferrari 360

Ferrari 360

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Who can resist looking at a beautiful girl? Want to attract a lot of attention, let that beautiful girl take her clothes off and watch the heads turn. Want to attract a lot of attention to your Ferrari? Welcome to the NudeAutoMall, where the Ad's are always free as long as the clothes are missing.
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Ferrari Show

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