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The Chevrolet BowTie wrapped around a naked girl
The Chevrolet BowTie wrapped around a naked girl
Hot Naked Chicks on that Hot Chevy

Naked Girl posing with a Chevy Corvette

24 Pix of Tiger & 69 Vette $2 Buy Bee-Tokens

The girl on this Chevy is the NudeAutoMall's Tiger. Tiger has done a lot of modeling with us throughout the years, and is always a welcome attraction. The Chevy is a 69 Corvette with a 350 hp, 350 ci with all the right toys (a favorite prop here at the NudeAutoMall, girls seem to like it too).

Chevy nearly synonymous with GM, an auto maker so large that their yearly revenues surpass that of most countries. Chevy was Durant's answer to the very successful Ford. William Durant already had three lines in his new car company when he introduced the Chevy, Durant already had Buick, Oldsmobile, and Cadillac, but he needed a car to compete with the low priced Ford, Chevy, or Chevrolet to be proper, would be that car. And more importantly, Chevrolet was conceived by GM instead of acquired as were most of GM's car lines. Durant never managed to get the Chevy down as cost efficient as the Ford, but he introduced the payment plan, which is really what made the Chevy a success (in fact the success of the entire auto industry was the payment plans). The early Chevy's were about equivalent to the Ford, but they were dressed up with a lot of options like electric headlights, a tool box, and a 6-cylinder engine, compared to the 4-cylinders of the Ford. People liked the little extras and flocked to Chevy, thus by 1927 Chevy outsold Ford even though the cheapest Chevy never got below about twice the price of the Ford. Chevy was incorporated in 1911 under the guidance of Louis Chevrolet, the cars namesake. Louis Chevrolet was a famous race car driver of the time, and Durant believed his name would help sell cars, it did. But Louis Chevrolet would soon part ways with Durant as he did not like his name associated with a cheap car. He might have been proud of his namesake by the fifties and sixties, with the dawn of the muscle cars, but for now this was Durants baby, and Durant was never noted for letting anyone, friend or foe get between him and a dollar bill.

Chevy is often advertised with a comely woman, why? Because SEX Sells, and a good marketer, which GM most assuredly is, does not pass up an angle to sell, let alone the oldest and most successful angle of sales in the book. At the NudeAutoMall, we're a little less subtle, off with those clothes, beauty as devastating as only our creator can sculpt, often imitated, but never equaled, the nude female form is the most powerful force in swaying mankind. In the tradition of the NudeAutoMall you will find these Chevys modeled by beautiful naked girls. And of course if you own a Chevy yourself, and have a pretty little lady to go with it we would love to see your Chevy on the NudeAutoMall

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Chevy Classifieds

Who can resist looking at a beautiful girl? Want to attract a lot of attention, let that beautiful girl take her clothes off and watch the heads turn. Want to attract a lot of attention to your Chevy? Welcome to the NudeAutoMall, where the Ad's are always free as long as the clothes are missing.
Want to Sell your Chevy we require at least 24 pix. All pix must be of a naked girl, and your Chevy. If you don't know a naked girl, or can't find a naked girl, please take advantage of our Models Directory, it is here for your convince, and possibly the largest free Models Directory in the World.
All Models must be atleast 18 years old. All pics become the property of Frias Network, our fee for advertising your Chevy! We will use 3 to 5 pix of our choice, that we feel best show off your Chevy and the girl, additional pix to be used in a pay area at our discretion. Happy Shooting!

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Bragging rights are certainly welcome, just fill out the Classified Ad Form placing "Not For Sale" in the Price Box, we ask for atleast 3 pix.

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