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Kit Cars over a naked ladies body
Kit Cars
Kit Cars over a naked ladies body

Naked Ladies on Kit Cars
Girl Standing beside Countach

Although not a Kit, the Lamborghini has long been favored as a Kit. Pictured here is a Hand Built Replica of the Countach as modeled by Katie.

The History of the Kit Car.

Some argue the Kit Car to have begun with the English Mechanic, or the Hyler-White. You see Hyler-White wrote a series of articles on how to build a car for a publication named the English Mechanic. These articles have been acclaimed to have been written as early as 1896, however the earliest publication I have been able to locate is January of 1900. Regardless I have to discount the Hyler-White English Mechanic, as it was only a few sets of plans, and If we count cars built from plans as Kit Cars, well I do not know of a single car not built from plans, so that would thusly include all cars as Kit Cars. I think what they are actually distinguishing is the difference between Home Built and Factory Built, and the first Home Built would have to be either the Markus or the Benz, or maybe Cugnot or Da Vinci depending on your point of view, most cars however were built at home before building a factory around them. No I think the mere definition of Kit denotes the parts and instructions being supplied buy some manufacturing base, supplied to a consumer with the intention of building the Car at home. Given that definition the earliest Kit Car would have to be the Dyke.
A. L. Dyke of St Louis, opened the world’s first Automotive Supply Company in 1899, a mail order Auto Parts Store by todays definition. Dyke is known for many things from producing the first American Made Carburetor to whatever you wanted to beef up or spiff out your car. So popular in fact was Dyke, that to modify your car or to jazz it up was said to "Dyke Up" your Car. And for our interest A. L. Dyke did offer the first Kit Car, produced from 1899 to 1901. In the lineup were the 5 hp Gas Dyke, the 12 hp Gas Dyke, the Electric Dyke, and the Steam Dyke. There are also Newer Dykes, as new as 1906, but they were no longer a Kit Car. Dyke quit producing the Dyke Kit Car after the lawsuit Evans v. A. L. Dyke Automobile Supply Co. Evens was involved in an accident with a Dyke Automobile and sued Dyke for it. Evens lost, but we all lost as that was the end of the Dyke Kit Car. However Dyke did not go out of business, and still made every piece of the Dyke Automobile, as he did for many other cars. Newer Dykes were simply built from old plans and buying all the parts individually.
The early Kit Cars filled a niche in simply providing a car when there was none available. Car lots existed as early as 1886, but realistically you were not going to the corner car lot to pick up your new car. For the most part, you bought a car from a factory, paid for it, and then they built it for you, or more commonly you built it yourself rigging some type of motor, typically electric (you could buy those used) to your old horse buggy, or you ordered a kit like the Dyke, or the Lad's Car (1912-1914) and assembled it. In 1909 Henry Ford was finally successful (largely in part due to the Dodge Brothers). Henry's assembly line made it possible to produce larger and larger quantity's of pre built cars, cars built before someone ordered them, which was the eventual doom of the Kit Car and other related industries. The more cars Ford built, the less of anything else anyone bought.
The next phase of the Kit Car began as cars became more common. Of course we had to wait for a couple of stupid wars to pass before people had time to do something besides die or morn. However if it were not for the wars the Kit Car revival would have probably come about much earlier; or that is simply the one, and much needed ingredient necessary to build Kit Cars is the leisure time to build them. Without leisure time, leisure time activities just do not happen. Anyhow the interesting thing that was accruing with the explosion of the Automobile Age was that cars were rotting out, wearing out, and becoming junk. So here you have this perfectly good engine sitting in this pile of junk that was just too rotted out and broken to move itself any more. Thus by the late forties wars were behind us and people began to think again, and think about a use for this perfectly good engine and drive train, and Kit Cars were reborn. The 1947 Buckler of England was an early example building a race like frame that accepted most any engine, and you built your own body, soon after bodies were available to replace the rotted out bodies of your various motor cars. And it grew.
Lotis was probably the influence that made the Kit Car industry what it is today, building a very sporty and well built car around various engines. Other sporty cars were built before them, but none so successful or desirable. A new niche was found, and sports car knock off's became a boom in the Kit Car industry.
Today Kit Cars are built for many reasons. It may be that you want that exotic sports car and can not afford it, which certainly has become a driving force behind the growth of the Kit Car Industry. But that drive and profit made it possible to see other good outcomes, the reproduction of rare and often almost extinct classics, that otherwise almost can not be had at any price, and something you can drive with the piece of mind that you are not risking the loss and destruction of some irreplaceable piece of automotive history. Such Kit Cars also give us the modern convinces not available in their original form. And form that, the freedom to modify without destroying that irreplaceable classic. Kit Cars make great bases for Hot Rods, inspire an interest in Automotive History, as well as provide an affordable reality to some dreams.

Nude Women are very commonly used in Advertisements for Kit Cars. In fact, any advertisement at all in Europe, as most of the civilized world, is in of itself a good reason to use Nudity, simple shock value; Kit Cars are no exception.

As is tradition at the NudeAutoMall you will find Kit Cars adorned with beautiful Naked Ladies. And of course if you own a Kit Car yourself, and have a pretty little woman to get naked with it we would love to see your Kit Car on the NudeAutoMall.

Show off your Kit Car, or Hand Built

84 Countach

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Who can resist looking at a beautiful girl? Want to attract a lot of attention, let that beautiful girl take her clothes off and watch the heads turn. Want to attract a lot of attention to your Kit Car? Welcome to the NudeAutoMall, where the Ad's are always free as long as the clothes are missing.
Want to Sell your Kit Car we require at least 24 pix. All pix must be of a naked girl, and your Kit Cars. If you don't know a naked girl, or can't find a naked girl, please take advantage of our Models Directory, it is here for your convince, and possibly the largest free Models Directory in the World.
All Models must be at least 18 years old. All pics become the property of Frias Network, our fee for advertising your Kit Car! We will use 3 to 5 pix of our choice, that we feel best show off your Kit Cars and the girl, additional pix to be used in a pay area at our discretion. Happy Shooting!

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Bragging rights are certainly welcome, just fill out the Classified Ad Form placing "Not For Sale" in the Price Box, we ask for atleast 3 pix of your Kit Car Modeled by a Nude Lady.

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Background image is a Dyke Kit Car.

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