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VW Estate

Sold 1943 Kubelwagen Sold
Sold High Performance Parts Sold
Pair 040 1600 Dual Port Heads cut for 87mm, appear to be never used, ie no carbon, super clean, probably NOS.
Set 87 mm jugs, appear to be never used, no burn rings, no wear lines, crisp fresh machine cross hash, appear to be freshly machined.
Set pistons for 87 mm bore. appear to be never used, but previously removed as some have minor scratches in wrist pin area.
$300 All offers considered. These need to find a new home. Located near LasVegas
Sold VW's and Parts Sold
Selling the whole lot, 2 sliding door busses, 2 and one half bugs, full window, fastback, squareback, couple extra engines, bumpers... (no title on the square back), everything VW except the Kubel goes. includes a fair bit of misic parts, and some NOS parts... All as is, where is, must go.
I have had a lot of requests for individual pieces from this collection. Please feel free to make an "OFFER", I have been authorized to sell them as a lot, but I will gladly convey any and all offers to the estate.
1967 Dark Blue Bug 117137174
Light Blue Bug 117382583
Oarnge Bug 116797028
Red Bus 229202788
1970 White Bus 2302177704
Squareback 3612054283 (no title)
Fastback 319170410
Misic VW Parts

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