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Nude Girls on Flower Power: VW

Kahli & VW

Kahli is the creation of the good folks at DeskMate

So you like a little blond with your VW, Bug? Hot blondes (brunettes and redheads too) and hot cars, their all here at the NudeAutoMall! The nude babe on this VW is the creation of the good folks at DeskMate

Most know the VW for it's Flower Power, from the 60's and 70's when the VW was as much a symbol of Peace and Love as was the Peace sign itself. The VW was lovingly painted in many colors, and often with Flowers and those Peace Signs. But why the VW, why not a Chevy or a Ford, or... Simple VW's were cheap, and they were cheap by design, a car the Working Class could afford. Ironic that such a symbol of Peace should be the product of a War Mongering Tyrant, but that it was. The VW is the brain child of none other than Hitler himself. There can't be many good words said about Hitler, but he by no means started off the person we know him for today. Hitler was a man for the poor, a man who fought for the underdog. He embraced inventors and achievers. If you had an ideal, or you were good at what you did, you went to the government, and they gave you what you needed to make it happen, indeed Instien was one of these people. After all it was all for the good of Mother Germany, the Homeland, the inventions, and the caring about the Working Class. Weather Hitlers Bad, was due to insanity, or to a sadistic master plan, we will never know, but the VW is his mark of some of the good he did do.

As is tradition at the NudeAutoMall you will find these cute little Bugs adorned with beautiful nude girls, as anyone from the 60's would think they would have to be. And of course if you own a VW yourself, and have a pretty little lady to get naked with it we would love to see your Bug on the NudeAutoMall.

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VW Notchback

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Who can resist looking at a beautiful girl? Want to attract a lot of attention, let that beautiful girl take her clothes off and watch the heads turn. Want to attract a lot of attention to your VW? Welcome to the NudeAutoMall, where the Ad's are always free as long as the clothes are missing.
Want to Sell your VW we require at least 24 pix. All pix must be of a naked girl, and your VW. If you don't know a naked girl, or can't find a naked girl, please take advantage of our Models Directory, it is here for your convince, and possibly the largest free Models Directory in the World.
All Models must be atleast 18 years old. All pics become the property of Frias Network, our fee for advertising your VW! We will use 3 to 5 pix of our choice, that we feel best show off your VW and the girl, additional pix to be used in a pay area at our discretion. Happy Shooting!

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Bragging rights are certainly welcome, just fill out the Classified Ad Form placing "Not For Sale" in the Price Box, we ask for atleast 3 pix.

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Background image is a Prototype VW, era 1936. Me and this VW actually have a history, all be it almost a disastrous one. Back in the seventies this VW came into our Junkyard. Now if I say I have scrapped a thousand VW's, well that would probably be an understatement. It was just another VW, the louvers in the place of a back window did perk my interest, but it was just a VW, it would never have any value. I was just about to flip her on her side and torch her motor out, when out of noware comes this guy down my driveway. He offered me $200 on the spot for the old VW. In scrap weight at the time a VW was worth about $80. $80 vs. $200; hard choice, he owned a VW. In retrospect, I owe him a thankyou, as he saved a piece of History, that, in my youth, I would have been stupid enough, not to have.
Girl with VW emblem is Ohio Model CutieGirl

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