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The Chevrolet BowTie wrapped around a naked girl
Chevy Truck
The Chevrolet BowTie wrapped around a naked girl
Naked Lady on a Chevy Truck

Naked Girl posing with a Chevy Truck

Nothing like a Chevy Truck to come to you rescue in style. The NudeAutoMall's own Brown Sugar stopped by to model this Chevy Truck, and she truly is just that, sweet as sugar. The truck is a 69 Chevy 1 Ton Wrecker with a 440 Holmes, and a good old 283. .

    The first Chevy Truck was built in 1918, which was also the year Chevy joined General Motors. Chevy's first truck was available in two models, 1) a 1/2 Ton 490 Light Delivery and 2) a One Ton Model T (wander if that choice of names didn't have something to do with William Durrant's coveting of the success of Henry Ford's Model T). Originally a Chevy Truck was no more than a truck chassis, not even a cab or seat let alone a bed, just fenders, hood, and drivetrain. Chevy's first 3/4 Ton Truck was introduced in 1921 but still it was only a chassis, you made your own body (or had a custom coach works build it for you). In 1926 you could finally get a cab on your Chevy Truck, but only if you bought the 1 Ton version, the Half Ton was still only available as a chassis. In 1927 Chevy offered their first Panel Truck, finally you got a whole vehicle when you bought a Truck. Two years later, 1929, the first Chevy Pickup Truck was born. Chevy Pickups were around as early as 1921, but a Pickup body, although popular, was strictly an aftermarket item, not made by Chevy. The next significant change wasn't untill 1955 with the introduction of the Camino Pickup, a style that later came to be the Fleetside, what most people think of as a Pickup today (that is where the bed of the Pickup matches the styling of the cab). 1955 also introduced the famous Chevy V8 (Small Block Chevy). Four Wheel Drive was introduced in 1958 and Chevy 4X4's were born. 1959 saw the introduction of the El Camino, a light duty truck with a one piece body resembling a Chevy Car. Chevy's next introduction of a light duty truck wasn't untill the 70's with the Chevy Luv, later replaced with the popular Chevy S10.

As is tradition at the NudeAutoMall you will might any Chevy Truck adorned with a beautiful Naked Woman. And of course if you own a Chevy Truck, or even a or GMC yourself, and have a pretty little woman to go with it we would love to see your Chevy Truck on the NudeAutoMall.

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30's Chevy Trucks
Nude Girl beside a Chevy Truck

38 Chevy Truck

Advanced Design 1947 to 1955 Chevy Trucks StoveBolts
Advanced Design Chevy Pickups were an all new design, greatly modernized bring the fenders into the grill instead of looking to be totally separate of the body. Of course it wasn't just looks, the big change was the cabs, and big was the key word, the cabs were a lot wider, no longer were you all scrunched together if you wanted to take the pickup to town. But the new pickups soon became old as the line ran for almost ten years, with little change, change that only an expert could spot. Indeed by the mid Fifties people were often laughed at for buying such an outdated truck, why buy it new when Farmer Joe is selling the same thing for $50? And of course with the dawn of Chevys V8, many Chevy Dealers were still overstocked with the old StoveBolt sixes, making buying a new Advance Design an even bigger target for off collar jokes. Stove Bolt, once an engine of pride, was now a word used to insult these old trucks. Ah, but that is all history, new trucks came and went untill Chevy eased us back into those long run multi year trucks, to the point that we no longer think even ten years is long for buying the same truck. And StoveBolts, ah, the badge is wore with pride, althow it is hard to find a StoveBolt today that still has her Stove Bolt engine in her.
1929 Chevy Panel Truck

49 Chevy Panel

1951 Chevy Truck

51 Chevy Truck

1952 Chevy Truck

52 Chevy Truck

1953 Chevy Truck

53 Chevy Truck

1954 Chevy Truck

54 Chevy Truck

Task-Force 1955 to 1959 Chevy Trucks
Task-Force, The long awaited V8 Chevy Truck. Chevy fans had always had to settle for a Six Cylinder, period [sic]. Ford had the V8 virtually forever, but Chevy was as stubborn about giving up that old six, as stubborm as was Henry Ford over giving up his Model T. But boy what a change. Trucks didn't look utilitilitarian all of a sudden, they looked mean, aggressive, they stood up and said, I am a Truck, fear me. Task-Force Chevy Trucks, also gave the option of an Automatic Transmission.
1956 Chevy Truck

56 Chevy Truck

1958 Chevy Truck

58 Chevy Truck

1956 Chevy Apache Truck

1959 Chevy Apache

60's Chevy Trucks
1960 Chevy Truck

60 Chevy Truck

1963 Chevy Truck

63 Chevy Truck

1967 Chevy Truck

67 Chevy Truck

1969 Chevy Truck

69 Chevy 1-Ton

1969 Chevy Truck

69 Chevy Truck

70's Chevy Trucks
Nude Girl beside Chevy El Camino

70 El Camino SS

Nude Girls Washing a Chevy El Camino

74 El Camino

80's Chevy Trucks
1981 Chevy El Camino

81 El Camino

90's Chevy Trucks
Nude Girl in front of GMC Truck

GMC Truck

94 Chevy Suburban

94 Chevy Suburban

1999 Chevy Suburban

1999 Chevy Suburban

2K Chevy Trucks
Chevy Silverado

Chevy Silverado

2001 Chevy Suburban

2001 Chevy Suburban

2003 Chevy Tracker

2003 Chevy Tracker

Custom Chevy Trucks
Englander II: 1976 Chevy Van

Englander II

Cars, Chevy

Chevy Cars


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Who can resist looking at a beautiful girl? Want to attract a lot of attention, let that beautiful girl take her clothes off and watch the heads turn. Want to attract a lot of attention to your Chevy Truck? Welcome to the NudeAutoMall, where the Ad's are always free as long as the clothes are missing.
Want to Sell your Chevy Truck we require at least 24 pix. All pix must be of a naked girl, and your Chevy Truck. If you don't know a naked girl, or can't find a naked girl, please take advantage of our Models Directory, it is here for your convince, and possibly the largest free Models Directory in the World.
All Models must be atleast 18 years old. All pics become the property of Frias Network, our fee for advertising your Chevy Truck! We will use 3 to 5 pix of our choice, that we feel best show off your Chevy Truck and the girl, additional pix to be used in a pay area at our discretion. Happy Shooting!

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Background image is a 1962 Chevrolet Stepside Pickup Truck

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