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Dodge Trucks Ram Head over a nude womens body
Dodge Trucks
Dodge Trucks Ram Head over a nude womens body

Nude Women on Ram Tough Dodge Trucks

Nude Brunette on Dodge Truck

Nude Women have always looked good upon a Dodge! Greg Allen likes taking pictures of women with this old Dodge Powerwagon. Bet that old Dodge sees more action now as it rests it's final days overgrown by trees, than it ever did when it was all shiny and new :-)> The pretty little Brunette with this old Dodge Truck is Gloria, one of Greg's Models. Please check out more of Greg Allens Work here at the NudeAutoMall as a Pennsylvania Photographer or visit GlamrPhotog.

Dodge Trucks started life simple as did most early trucks. The Dodge Brothers, Horace and John, started out building transmissions for Ford, but broke off to build their own car in 1914. Dodge Trucks first rolled off the assembly line only two years later, 1916. Dodge called their first trucks a Business Car, basically a delivery truck with roll up screens for side panels. Chrysler Purchased Dodge in 1928, and built their first 1/2 ton Pickup in 1929, but the Name Plates still read Dodge Brothers Until 1933 when Chrysler shortened Dodge Brothers to Dodge and completely revamped Dodge Trucks to more closely resemble their car, a design concept that caught on with all auto manufactures and continues until today. Dodge Trucks carried many marquis from there to date but not much that ever made much of a mark, other than one Promotional Truck. Now Promotional Vehicles are normally exotic, but usually don't bare mentioning with Production Vehicles as they are just teasers. But I think Dodge made it's biggest mistake ever in not producing it's A-100 Hemi. The Auto Industry was in the midst of Muscle Car Fever, 1964, when Dodge Truck Division introduced it's A-100 with such a bang that we still hear ripples of it today. Dodge took the New A-100 cab forward pickup truck, mounted a Suped up 426 Hemi into it's bed, and run it on down to the Drag Strip. Ok so it wouldn't have been very practical as a pickup with a bed that is all motor, but who cares! It would have been shear fun! And since when did practicality have anything to do with Muscle Machines? Dodge was not beneath shoving such toys as the 440 Wedge into lightweight undersized cars, way more power than those cars ever needed! Alas we have but one great memory of Dodge Muscle Trucks (actually something like 6 or 8 were eventually produced), The Little Red Wagon.

Nude Women have rarely ever been the theme of Advertisement with any American Vehicle, and Dodge was no exception, although some of those Loose Knit Sweaters gave definition to Loose Knit, I don't know of many guys that didn't stare a little too long at those posers, maybe trying to see more then women in those advertisements were ever going to show. The Dodge Girl was the only promotion I know of where Dodge ever used Nudity to promote it's Company. The Dodge Girl was a Hula Lamp of a Nude Woman wearing but a grass skirt that played peek-a-boo as she danced. Dodge did indeed use women in their advertisements almost from the beginning, although until the 50's they were conservative. Suggestive, Provocative, Sexy Women have been part of Dodge's Advertisements ever since then.

As is tradition at the NudeAutoMall you will find these Dodge Trucks adorned with beautiful Nude Women. And of course if you own a Dodge Truck yourself, and have a pretty little woman to go with it we would love to see your Dodge Truck on the NudeAutoMall

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Nude Women with 59 Dodge Truck

59 Dodge

Nude Woman beside Dodge Decota Pickup

Dodge Dakota

Nude Woman atop Dodge Decota Pickup

Dodge Dakota

Nude Woman pumping gas into a Dodge Truck

89 Dodge

2008 Dodge Ram

2008 Dodge

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Background image is a Promotional 1965 Dodge A100 driven by Maverick. Can you imagine a production A100 Hemi, instead of that little six banger. Maverick was the best advertisement Dodge ever invested in, if they would have only followed through, I think we would have a different most popular Truck.