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Ford Trucks over a nude womens body
Ford Trucks
Ford Trucks over a nude womens body

Nude Women on Ford Trucks

Nude Brunette on Ford Truck

Have you driven a Ford lately? Bet these ladies could interest you in this old Ford Truck. They certainly got my interest. This Photo is anther example of Paul Gomez's great work. Ladies if you in Michigan, I don't think you could go wrong to drop in on Paul, as I'd bet he is going to go places, could be a name to have in your portfolio. You can contact Paul at: gomez@dwsd.org and you can view his work throughout the NudeAutoMall.

Henry Ford, the Failure

Henry Ford was an utter and absolute failure, but he never let that get in his way.
Henry Fords first car, the Quadricycle, was a failure and an embarrassment, breaking down on it's maiden run in front of everyone; that was 1896.
By 1898 Henry Ford had sought the help of William Murphy for his second car which gained Ford the credibility to start his first automobile factory, the Detroit Automobile Company. Within two years the company went bankrupt, largely due to their truck that they never could get to work quite right. That truck was the first Ford built truck, built in 1899, and only one was ever built.
1901, Years of failure now plagued Ford but he still continued on, it was the year his son Edsel would ask Santa Clause for a Christmas Tree, as they hadn't been able to afford one in 4 years. Gathering up the pieces from his failed motor company and regrouping, Ford now formed The Henry Ford Company. And again Ford failed. This time Fords friends had brought in Henry Leland, a former Gunsmith who had a knack for making parts so precise that they were interchangeable from one unit to the next. That was a concept Ford would later use in his assembly line, but he would do it his way, that is build it better cheaper, and build a car that the common man could afford. But for now Leland the perfectionist and Ford the cobbler could not get along. They did regroup again to form the Cadillac Automobile Company, but Henry Ford was out.
1902 Ford tried again with Ford & Malcomson Ltd. This time Ford was nearly bankrupt only four weeks after it opened.
Now 40 years old, and a three time looser, it was 1903, and Ford was at it again with the Ford Motor Company. It wasn't easy getting investors with such a long heritage of failures, but Ford didn't quit. Something new happened, it passed the two year mark the Company didn't go Bankrupt. Henry Ford was by no means out of hot water, as it would be another three years before, the alphabet nearly exhausted in modeled cars, Old Henry finally hit the lucky number, or letter in this case, the Model T, the car that Ford is famous for. Henry Ford would make many more mistakes in the days to come, but finally, his family would never have to worry about going hungry again. After years of struggle and hardship, Henry was rich, and rich enough to share, which he did with great pride. Henry Ford was noted for his stubbornness, but he never forgot the poor. Ford increased his common laborers wages so much that it sent ripples through the entire auto industry, ripples that are still felt today. Ford is responsible for reducing the work week to five days, and the work day to eight hours. And Ford did all of this before Unions existed.
Ford Trucks were only the next logical step, as Henry Ford was, as all along, for the common man. Henry Fords biggest interest was the Farmer. Henry made engines out of Soybeans and Fuel from Corn, none of those made it, but Fords knack for finding ways to cut waist (the cobbler in him) inevitably lowered the cost of production with the price of the Model T decreasing every year it was built. In fact, in the end, you could buy a brand New Model T Ford literally for the price of one payment on a Chevrolet.
The first Ford Branded Truck was the Ford Model TT built in 1917. The first Ford Pickup was the Ford Model T Runabout with Pickup Body produced in 1925 and selling for some $280 new. Ford not only succeeded in making vehicles affordable, he succeeded in nearly every Farm having a Ford Truck.

Ford the Failure is dedicated in memory of a good friend and compatriot, Dr Steve. Doc was one of the most intelligent and giving persons I have ever met, yet he thought of himself as a failure. Doc took his own life 18NOV02, and a very great loss he was. I can only hope that others may look on his loss, and know that it is a loss. Failure, Success, neither are important, but life is. Indeed one of the most prominent men in world history failed for forty eight strait years before he succeeded in his one single goal. Keep trying, for at least you can say you tried, and even if you never succeed, that's ok, you tried.

Nude Women have never to my knowledge been part of any Ford Advertisement. In fact Ford tends only to use women in they're ads in a family setting, and such ads stand to date. Although Nudes certainly do go with Ford Trucks, after all we do go through a great deal to raise em up, -n- rod em out, all just to impress our Women (and have a little fun).

As is tradition at the NudeAutoMall you will find these Ford Trucks adorned with beautiful Nude Women. And of course if you own a Ford Truck yourself, and have a pretty little woman to go with it we would love to see your Ford Truck on the NudeAutoMall

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Background image is a 1922 Ford C Cab.

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