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Dildo Bike


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Dildo Bike
Dildo Bike

Alyssa here, a little flirtatious, about to take her $1000 bike ride, while agreeably not the safest way to ride a bike, it is indeed entertaining. The Bike is a Ray Guhn special. No, not the first Dildo Bike, doubtfully even the first functioning Dildo Bike, but an undoubtedly an awesome inspiration for the theme of a movie. You'll notice from the diagram above that this Bike is a little cobbled, Hillbilly Sex Bike as called by at least one fanatic. But I'll just say Ray Guhn is obviously one to find a way to make it work, to make it happen, and Ingenus Cobbler.

Dildo Bike

Piece of cake right? or is it a piece of pie. Alyssa now dressed for the occasion about to mount her infamous ride.

Dildo Bike

Having a little problem steering the bike, Alyssa's thighs crushing that seat, ripping it from it's very mount; of course all guys know just how vice like a girls thighs can be during her orgasm, if there was ever any doubt...

You can see Alyssa's Movie at: CumOnHerFace

Ray Guhn needs your help. He is facing 30 years in prison for making movies like these. They are saying the making of the Movies is Prostitution, and since they were organized and sold through a network, like all adult movies, the courts are also charging him with Racketeering. Buying his movies through the subscription links on this page helps, but if you would like to contribute even a dollar more, Please follow this link Ray Guhn Defence Fund

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