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Alt Fuel

Alt Fuel has been a regular topic of the NudeAutoMall, with roots much older then the NudeAutoMall itself. This author built his first Alt Fuel Vehicle in the 70's. That first Alt Fueled Vehicle ran on Moonshine made from our Licensed Solar Still (yes you can license a Still in the US and Legally make Moonshine for use as Fuel. In the 70's you could run Moonshine pure, today it must be diluted with Gasoline). In the 70's Moonshine costs us less than five cents a gallon to make, and increased both power and fuel mileage in my Dragster. A second Moonshine Powered Dragster was built shortly before we shut down our still (when you have a still, everyone in your family, direct or distant relative, gains a shadow), this second Dragster a Local Popular Ride with future foresight, The Naked Lady.

Opel GT With the birth of the NudeAutoMall we built our Propane Conversion, proving that these over inflated figures to convert a vehicles fuel, figures that are often quoted by the Auto Industry, are indeed unnecessary, our build costing somewhere around three hundred Dollars US, including the cost of the junk car. (Warning, this article as some of the others linked from this page is "non" nude)

Electric Vehicle G. Allen showed us the simplicity of an Electric Vehicle with his inexpensive conversion of a Minibike. A couple V pulleys and a belt, a 12V electric starter motor from a car, a 12V car battery, add a simple hi amperage dimmer switch, like those used to dim the lights in a house, for speed control. Put it all together and he had an Electric Minibike. Then throw in a Solar Charger and put an end to paying an Electric Company for the Electricity to charge it up. I've seen Gulfcart Motors used to Make an Electric Motorcycle, and Forklift Motors used to make a small Electric Car. G. Allen's Electric Minibike was featured on our cover in September 2005.

Rollerblades And Faith showed us Girl Power, the simplest alternative to buying Gasoline. Human Powered Transportation from Bicycles, to Rollerblades, and everything inbetween, it's good for your body, good for the environment, and easy on the wallet. Not too bad on the eyes either :)

Future Projects will be another Moonshine Runner, a Water Fuel Car, and a Greasel Truck, and who knows, maybe even an Anti Gravity Car (since the discovery of a power source that defies gravity panted and left open by it's inventer; a car may be a little much for this technology, but why not?). But Alt Fuels and Alt Energy sources are abundant, all you have to do is look around, or even use your imagination. Gasoline is a Monopoly only because you let it be.

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