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Nude Girl Washing the windows of her car with her huge breasts
Devon has dropped by the NudeAutoMall to Wash our Windows, Can she Wash yours? Please drop by
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The first Car Wash was most likely, just shortly after the first car got dirty.
The first Nude Car Wash would therefore logically be either shortly after the first time some dirty old man saw a girl washing a car, or the result of some naughty gal teasing a man. Or was the first Nude Car Wash an accident? Posibly a couple of girls just out for a drive in their new roadster with the top down, back when roads were but muddy paths; it was not uncommon for the passengers of the car to be as covered in mud as was the car, and what lady woud want to go shopping all covered in mud? And given that many towns had water towers where it was not uncommon to wash this or that beneath them with a simple pull of a string. How imposible would it be to believe that a couple of gals in just such a perdicument might pull up under that water tower and pull that string only to find out how well their bodoices cought watter. I think that might qualify as a Nude Car Wash.
The Nude Car Wash has been tried as a business time and time again. A Nude Car Wash does not lack in profits, just some seem to think it lacks in morals :) Hence the Nude Car Wash has historically been outlawed. The Nude Car Wash has been put on by this or that origination as a fund raiser. Comershal ventures have tried everything from an old abandon parking lot to an inclosed Car Wash, even as an out call service, where the girls would come out to your house and wash your car in the nude. The problem of a Nude Car Wash is not as much the nudity, but how intimintly a girls body is displayed as she washes a car. Breasts jiggle as a girl scrubs or buffs (oh... and breasts should not jiggle), and when she bends over, as she must many times while washing a car, well a ladies secret, that most secret of secret places, is most certanly left no secret. Even worse, as a girl washing a car most certianly knows what secrets she is displaying, she tends to get turned on, and even more secretly secrets bloom, hence that most private of secret secrets too, is not even left a secret. Totaly imoral :) but great FUN. However, that is why, even in the most civilised countries, where nudity is not a crime, the Nude Car Wash is not pubicaly alowed.
NudeAutoMall is looking for the history of the Nude Car Wash. When was the first Nude Car Wash? When was the earliest Nude Car Wash that you know of? We would love to hear your stories.
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El Camino

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Car Wash

Big Brested Nude Girl Washing Her Car

Le Baron

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Ivy Faulkner
Car Wash

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Car Wash

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Cherokee Camaro
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Camaro CarWash

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Gili Sky Mercedes
Car Wash

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