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Model depicted is Ms NudeAutoMall Rebecca Mjelde

Gas Station, Garage

Photo Credit and Art by jb. This Ghost town Gas Station was renovated by jb, meant to look decayed and deserted, while remaining useful. The girl is CutieGirl who is cropped in this photo. CutieGirl although typically dependable never made it to this shoot, and the set no longer exists as pictured. Reshoots with other located sets are in the planning, awaiting financing.

Historically Cars were often built in the Garages that would later house them. Inventors, yes some built their engines on their kitchen sink, but most converted a barn, stables, or carriage house, occasionally maybe even a workshop into their Garages. Later as kits became available to build a car from, even more buildings were converted to garages. It wasn't untill the comminnization of the Automobile that Service Stations, and later Gas Stations became available. Today many people build garages just to park their car in, or so was the intention before something else was "temporarily" set in the way. While most modern cars are built in a Factory, a sort of very large garage, a few are still built in their own garage, and even more are rebuilt in their garage. Professional Mechanics typically repair your car in a garage. Junk Yards sometimes dismantle cars and store their good parts in a garage. It takes a special garage called a Body Shop to fix or alter the body of your car. And, long garages with doors at both ends are too have a special name, a Car Wash. Some Gas Stations or Service Stations still have garages. Garages are indeed everywhere, and a very important facility to the automobile.

The NudeAutoMall Garage is about saving the world in as far as Transportation, all while having a little fun with it. Our goal, indeed our Foundation is the 3R's and Zero pollution. We consider anything significantly approaching our goal to be of merit, whether radical or common technology. Pollution is the concentration of any useful substance to the point at which it exceeds it's usefulness, it's need. And by this very definition a Monopoly (like the Oil Monopoly) can not exist without pollution, as by the very definition of a Monopoly, it is to not only create an excess, but an absolute total concentration. On the flip, this conception of Zero Emissions, "Bull Shit"; this author is not one to say impossible, but highly improbable it most certainly is. Lets take for example the Electric Car which too many define as Zero Emissions. Now we will give that the charging station is Solar just to eliminate all the Monopolistic Electric Company pollutants. Electric Cars put off emissions. Let's just cover one of the emissions put off by Electric Cars: Electric Motors and Batteries emit heat. While the heat emission from an Electric Car is negligible environmentally, multiply that heat by several million or several billion cars, if all cars were electric one could easily foresee that emission contributing to the Global Warming phenomena. But if a few Cars are Electric, a few Gas, a few Steam, or even Zero Point Gravity; our environment can better cope with variables then with concentrations, hence with variation we approach Zero pollution. Thus lowering or eliminating pollution not only starts with, it depends on YOU, because it needs individuality, it needs to be different.

For the Working Girl, or those who like Girls with their work.

Garage Mechanic

Let the Ladies Show You how it is Done

Garage Gas Pump

Gas Pump
Fill er up

Garage Car Wash

Car Wash
Need Your Car Washed

Garage Projects

Non Nude

Garage Body Shop

Body Shop
Buff in the Buff
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