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Cars for Vets, The NudeAutoMall would like to inspire a new program of help, Cars for Vets. Such a program would be ment to help keep a Vet on their own two feet, or to help get a Vet back on their feet. Not a gift, but a loan, a loan to Vets who need a car to get, or keep a job. Such needs to be able to give a tax write off / break to people donating cars, people storing and distributing the cars, people repairing the cars, and people providing insurance for the cars. This program will be offered through the NudeAutoMall whom already has a network in place to implement such. The NudeAutoMall has a reach of 1.4 million monthly readers, and a network of photographers, all of whom are very giving, and most who are Vets. We have the interest, and above all the care. The need should be self prevalent, those who came to the aid of their country when asked, should get help when they ask.

For now all's we can offer is a bulletin board to put people together. The bulletin board is primarily for Vets needing a car, and anyone wishing to give their car to a Vet in need. There is currently no tax breaks or right off, so this has to be purely from the good of your heart, and totally on the honer system. And the NudeAutoMall assumes no liability to the car giver, or to the car receiver. However, any posts from people in terrorist countries will be deleted. I am sorry, I know there are good people there too, but the NudeAutoMall will not help someone obtain a car to use as a weapon against innocent people.

We are however looking for Volunteers, anyone who can, or wants to help. Immediately people with the skills and knowledge to help organize and gain those tax statuses, and moneys that facilitate such help. Help make this a reality, and help a Vet who has put their life on the line for you.

WARNING, this link leads to the Cars for Vets bulletin board, but links leaving the bulletin board may contain nudity, please read the Adult Warning at the bottom of this page before proceeding.

Cars for Vets Bulettin Board

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