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Modeling Commentary. Modeling is most simplified as the art of posing. Most outsiders look at Modeling as something that is easy, something anyone can do. True anyone can do anything they put their mind to doing, but let me assure you Modeling is not easy. It's long hours, hard work, drag untill you drop, but do it with a smile. Sure taking a few pictures and getting published is simple. Just grab a free listing by clicking on the map untill you find where you live and follow the instructions there, and you will be published, that simple. List yourself as available for Modeling TFP and you will find yourself published a lot more. Models can easily find Photographers interested in trading Prints for Nude Work. But making a living at Modeling, that's a whole different story, or harder yet Fame... the days of being willing to screw on film bringing a Model instant Fame are long past. True, the more you are willing to do as a Model, the easer that Fame is to obtain, especially if you keep at it, but there are Millions of Models willing to do anything your willing to do, so it does take persistence. Nude Modeling is harder yet, as there are many, many more Models willing to get naked on film then Models willing to have sex on film. Please don't let me discourage you from a career of Modeling buy saying such, the rewards can be fantastic, and there are allot of good times to be had.

Besides how often do you hear a guy complain about seeing a girl taking her clothes off, other then maybe a few that should live life in a rubber room. For example, if a guy is trying to pick you up in a bar and you tell him you work as a Nude Model, the outcome will be more likely positive then negative. So even at the so called, bottom it can be a little fun, just seeing how many guys you can shock, or watching them trip over their tung.

To make your living in Modeling, the best I can recommend is to develop a style and target, a niche. What do I mean? Simple, be mean, be sweet, be the shy girl that turns wild halfway through the shoot, but be you. Amplify what is you, there are Photographers looking for just who you are. Then find the niche that compliments that "who you are". Car Modeling is a good example of a niche, as is everything from Pin Up to Bondage. Put the two together and maybe you have this Vamp Modeling some Haunting Hurst, the Captive tied in the trunk of a Mobster Limo, the Angelic Vision appearing from some dreamy coach, or the Bad Girl, Machine Gun toating Bony and Clyde type Modeling an old timer with a few bullet holes in it. What ever your interests in Modeling, pursue it, and with enough dedication and hard work you can be successful. As for the Fame, that is simply being the best, and the degrees of fame start from the first time your first photo get's published, your first step on the road to being that Super Model.

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