A Little Advice
For Beginning Models

1) The most important thing I can suggest is, do this only because it is what you want to do it. If you don't enjoy modeling, it will show. And if your in this for the money, I'm sure you have heard of all the great fees super models make, but lets put out a little piece of reality, most models never make it that big, in fact most models hold down a full time job or two just to try to make it. Hence if you don't enjoy this what's the point? Ok, so there is always hope...

2) Agencies. As in all of life it is never what you know, it is who you know, and the right Agency can certainly be the right people to get to know. But Agencies can be greedy, and such is too often the case. Or worse some Agencies seem to do no more than take your money. They send you to expensive Photographers who give them a cut, then charge you outrageous application fees. Bottom line is this, if they have made more than one Supper Model, (better Agencies have several) and you can afford to gamble the money, then it probably is a good gamble.

3) So you think you've got what it takes, but you don't have this magic nestage of money around, fact is you can't even afford a portfolio, no problem. As long as your willing to do nude work, there always plenty of Photographers that are willing to do tfp's (Time For Print), you get a Portfolio to sell yourself, they get Stock to sell. If your around Beatty / Las Vegas Nevada, then I'm almost always willing to do tfp's. Of course that will also guarantee you an ad on the NudeAutoMall. Just drop me an e-mail.

4) Big Name Photographers are always a good feather to wear in your cap, adding their name to your Portfolio always gains you a little more recognition. That goes along with the who you know thing. Such gains you recognition when dealing with other photographers, your a better prospective. And such can land you other shoots, as they often have friends that are their equal.

5) Contracts, nasty things, but a necessary evil. No Photographer worth a lick of salt is going to so much as lift a camera to you without a Contract, for without such they can get in some big trouble for selling your photos. But most contracts are fairly clear, your either giving up full rights to these photos, or partial rights, and if your amiable to their terms then all is great. But if you can't understand the contract, walk away, lord only knows what your signing away, or if your serious about wanting to do a shoot with them, then have a Layer look it over first. You never know when you might be signing your life away.

6) In all things there is good and bad. As a model you will find bad Agencys, bad Photographers, and bad Contracts. But if you stop and think for a moment, take a little time to investigate, most can be avoided. There truly are just as many great experiences out there just waiting for you to find them.


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