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Brown Sugar

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Brown Sugar Nude
Name: Brown Sugar
Location: Cleveland Ohio
Fees: $25 per hr. for local shoots (4hr minimum)

Brown Sugar

Brown Sugar is no longer Modeling, but please enjoy her galeries here at the NudeAutoMall. An Ohio Model, Brown Sugar was a very adaptable model, easy to work with. Simply, Sugar is quite a sweetheart. She does require a corset or similar to cover her middrift. Sugar is willing to work with toys, and she is willing to do girl / girl. Oh and beware, she does like to clean, Naked House Maid?

Photo Credit: jb & Bryon
Camera: Vivitar DCS350 & Kodak DC 50

Brown Sugar's Galleries
Brown Sugar, Essex
Brown Sugar, Bug
Brown Sugar, 69 Chevy
Brown Sugar, 61 Chevy

Brown Sugar:
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 130 lbs
Bust: 34B
Waist: 28
Hips: 37
B-Day: 3 APR 1983
$25 per hr. for local shoots (4hr minimum)

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