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Ladies, Want to Model Cars?

This form is is only meant as a convenience for submitting your Modeling ad to the NudeAutoMall. Modeling ads are free. All's we ask is for a one nude or semi-nude and a portrait that we can use to put your ad together. Contributions of additional nudes or semi-nudes with cars are always welcome, and will be added to your portfolio, as will submissions of you by photographers or advertisers (Please see our RevShare Program on the next page for an opportunity to make some money with your photos). All fields below are optional, although we do suggest you give as much info as you can. And for the legal part; although these ads are free, Frias Network, and or the NudeAutoMall do reserve the right to decline, or delete any ad at any time for any reason, or no reason at all. All photos become the property of Frias Network.

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Please attach pictures in a separate e-mail to We ask for one nude or semi-nude and one portrait.
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Thank You for everything.
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