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BFGoodrich tires? Why "Not" to Buy
Homeless Man Found Living In His Lamborghini
Headline News, and you herd it here first. But that is the reason things slowed down here, and will likely come to a stop again, I've been trying to avoid it, but... Anyhow have no fear if it happens, I will be back. And for thoes nuts that ask why I just don't short sell the Lam..., if you can't understand why, I have to ask, what are you doing here? :)
Things are a little better, Lambo is in a Garage again, and so am I. No home yet nor many of the comforts of a home, but that's ok, we have a place to work and many of the toys are inside. Updates are still slow at best but everything will get better with time. In the mean time. If you want a Serious Custom Car, consider a jb Custom we are once again open for business.
PS: I am still looking for magazine the cover of wich was a 68 / 9 El Camino with the engine in the rear, blower over the roof. The magazine would have been late 70's early 80's. Would Love to buy this magazine, would Love to locate the car.

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    Kahli Why a cartoon for Cover Girl? Like every Cover Girl before her Kahli has done something special for the NudeAutoMall. Simply, Kahli's honor and honesty deserves this merit. The Adult market seems to attract dishonesty and deception (which gets them deleted from the NudeAutoMall), not so here. There was a significant error on Kahli's account, and they made good on it. We like to see this kind of Honesty stay in the Adult Market, thus rewarded it needs. Cover Girl Kahli, enjoy it Girl!


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    A new Product at the NudeAutoMall, a Stool made to look like a Piston.
    A Current Exclusive at the NudeAutoMall
    These Stools are carved from high pressure laminated wood, then plated with a thick coat of Aluminum. Indeed the Aluminum is plated so thick that we actually chuck these Stool Pistons up on a lathe and turn them to get that turned look on the top. (Yes we have lathes that big). These Piston Stools are the perfect accent to any Auto Nuts Garage, great for Service Station and Wrench Shop waiting rooms.
    A Stool made to look like a Piston The Aluminum Plated Piston Stools start at $420.00 US, although other metal platings are certainly available. Maybe you prefer Brass, or Nickel just to name a few; in fact we can even plate them in Gold or Silver. Each Stool is made at the time of order, these are not mass produced. Please contact jb for additional information. Deposit Required. Shipping and Handling is extra depending on rates, quality, insurance, and / or how you want them packed and shipped.

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    Pictured here in all the NudeAutoMall Icons is Model of the Year, Faith69, a Model from Arizona USA, be sure to consider her for your project.

    Do you like the NudeAutoMall? A lot of Beautiful Girls! A lot of Beautiful Rides! What, thousands? I've lost count, but certainly a lot. It seems Millions of you agree to the tune of something over 6,000,000 hits a month. You think this is a big community, especially offering so much for free. Well I'm here to tell you this is small. If you want to see how big this can get, then we are asking for your help. I think we have a proven track record with the NudeAutoMall a sibling of Frias Network in the business of giving away porn since 1996 (or technically since about 1982 or 3), all with Zero Spam, no pop up councils, banner ads at the bottom of the page where they belong, and the occasional full page ads, made obvious as full page ads. We have recently added Pay Per View to help us generate some cash to help us grow, don't worry, we will still continue to give the free, that's not going to change. But what we are doing is giving you a chance to view an extra dozen or two pictures of some of the girls for only a buck or two. A dollar, two dollars, that doesn't seem like a lot, but multiplied by even a Million, that is a lot. Can you imagine the Models we can hire, and the rides we can contract if every one of you spent a simple, single, dollar, here? Pew, I'm not sure even I can imagine that, but I would bet I would have fun taking the pictures. Or better yet, why don't you take some pictures, and I will split that dollar with you, and continue to split it for as long as we sell those pictures. About seven of you spend that dollar each month, or less, as some of those are two dollar galleries, it might even be just one person that is spending all seven dollars. To that person or persons, I greatly say Thank You! To the rest of you all... what's a buck? Come on Guys, or Gals... A Simple, Single, Dollar, Bill! PPV

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    Who can resist looking at a beautiful girl? Want to attract a lot of attention, let that beautiful girl take her clothes off and watch the heads turn. Want to attract a lot of attention to your Car? Welcome to the NudeAutoMall, where the Ad's are always free as long as the clothes are missing.
    Want to Sell your Car we require at least 24 pix. All pix must be of a Naked Girl and your Car. If you don't know a Naked Girl, or can't find a Naked Girl, please take advantage of our Models Directory, it is here for your convenience, and possibly the largest free Models Directory in the World.
    All Models must be at least 18 years old. All pics become the property of Frias Network, our fee for advertising your Car! We will use 3 to 5 pix of our choice, that we feel best show off your Car and the girl, additional pix to be used in a pay area at our discretion. Happy Shooting!

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