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How To Make Money 101: There is no secret, the formula is simple: hard work and a strong belief in yourself. Attitude is next, people are attracted to happy people, to nice people, to friendly people. You have what God [the powers that be] gave you, your brain, your outlook on life, and lastly your appearance. Stop right here and think on that. Continue reading tomorrow.

Now that you took some time to think, I hope you believe you are important. In fact, you are the most important person to you. Next we are part of a society, the world, made up of many people who like you are very important. Without you, them or us, there is nothing. Yes "us" is next. As in all walks of life we need teems, groups of like minded individuals with a mutually beneficial common goal. Teems help us help ourselves, together we can accomplish far more than any of us can ever accomplish separately.

The NudeAutoMall is a teem, a group effort to help you, me, and everyone that is part of the NudeAutoMall. The common goal is to make a living and a future at something we enjoy: Girls being naughty with Automobiles. Teem players are our girls, our photographers, our writers, our coders, our S.E.O.'s, our editors, our sales staff, everyone that is needed, yesterday, today, and tomorrow, we are all the people here to make "us" a success. That said, the owner of that photograph / media receives approximately one half of every dollar that media makes, as without that media we do not have a product, a foundation. Everyone else gets theirs out of the other half, and after the expenses are paid. The money processor is the exception, they take a percentage of everything, and divy out the rest.

A little on the money, we currently use a Pay Per View method: Micro Payment Solutions to RevShare. Micro Payment is based on the ideal that a little equals a lot. The best example might be of the gentleman that some years ago got rich from a little program that skimmed all the fractional (less than one cent) remainders from bank transactions to his own bank account, which made him a millionaire in short order. More simply, if everyone in the world today were to give you just one penny you would receive $65,280,895.62 so yes a lot can be made from very little. The problem is thus only in reaching everyone, and then getting them to give you that penny. The NudeAutoMall is one such vessel for reaching a lot of people, with well over a million monthly readers. It's up to you to get them to give you that penny.

Probability of sales in a competitive market. Given that a penny, a nickel, or even a dollar is not a lot of money, we just realized the potential of the lowly penny. There should be little doubt that if everyone that visited the NudeAutoMall this month would buy so much as a dollar set of you, we could both live fairly comfortably for a good many years to come. But how likely is everyone to buy your photos? Well I would still like to see that magic set. The reality is typically much less; in fact, most don't buy. Anyhow, make money we do, a little per set, most all sets make a little money, and more sets do seem to make more money. Then add to that our promise, these galleries are permanent, you are leaving these photos in our care, and we will keep these photos available for purchase for as long as the NudeAutoMall in business. That means you continue to make money for your photos for as long as we (the NudeAutoMall and our money agents) are in business (adding money agents, processors as we ad them is most certainly welcome and encouraged). So what is the successful formula, simple the more sets you publish with us the more you can make each month, each year, each decade. How's that for exponential growth? With a little luck this might even result in a good retirement plan.

The NudeAutoMall's RevShare Program is an opportunity for you to make some money with your photos. The NudeAutoMall offers a 50 /50 split after processing fees (processing is handled by third party, non affiliated processors). We ask for a minimum of 24 pix per set that show off both the Nude Female Model and the Vehicle well. 3 or 5 of those pix (our choice) will be placed in the free area to advertise the rest of the set. Visitors then have at their choice an opportunity to view the full set, or individual pictures, for a small fee, you set the prices but we recommend no more than the equivalent of a buck or two US for a gallery, and five or ten cents per picture.

But let's increase that potential to make money, yes more sets potentially make more money, and don't discredit that: keep em coming and you keep your fans coming back. But so too does more work increase your potential to make money. Maximize every shoot through promotion and intelligence. As a Model you are probably promoting yourself in other sights, or as you are your most important product, you should be in every sight you can find. List your NudeAutoMall page as your home page, and get more people to you. Partake in News Letters, Articles, Builtin Boards, News Groups, and Blogs, all the time talking about yourself and your previous or related shoot. But is that everything, heavens no. Every aspect of your shoot is a potential for profit. Everything involved in making your shoot is a potential for profit, as it is a product of another team trying to sell more to make their living. Ah did the teem just get bigger? Your camera is a product, your clothes are a product, the car is a product, as is it's every part. The more we know about a shoot, the more we increase our potential to profit.

The value of your shoot, or more so it's popularity. Of course you want to become popular. The more popular you are the more valuable you are. But yes popularity is a hard road. However there are short roads and there are long roads. Certain cars, and certain automotive products already have popularity. Utilizing Popular props increases your potential popularity. For instance a 57 Chevy, is inarguably a popular car; more people are interested in, and therefore research, search, and buy items related to a 57 Chevy then say a Ugo. Hence using such a popular car increases your popularity. Likewise Hooker Headers are more popular than just headers. Everything has it's popularity, the more you barrow on, the more you increase your popularity potential. And yes advertisers on your page equals more money for you. An advertiser exclusive to your page, we pay you approximately one half of that ad, if an advertiser buys 12 pages, one of them yours, you receive approximately one 24th of of that Ad. And if you sell that Ad, we'll split again, hence you will receive approximately seventy five percent of that money. Only for hard currency sales though, please.

Our current processor is Bee-Tokens. They are good and honest people, but we do hope to add more payment processors in the future.


Bee-Tokens is able to handle a diverse World Currency. You will need to open a Webmaster account with Bee-Tokens, if you do not have your own web page or do not wish to list your own page, you are welcome to list the NudeAutoMall instead.

Bee-Tokens ID: First you sign up with Bee-Tokens. They will give you a Webmaster Bee-Token ID, and a Password. Save that file or print it for your records, then return to Bee-Tokens home page. Sign in, then click on Webmaster Settings. The top number called a Webmaster ID, this is what I will need to get you your half of the money.

Who is able to participate in the NudeAutoMall's RevShare Program? Anyone, provided the Model is atleast eighteen years of age, and all criteria of this agreement are met; Models, Photographers, Amateurs, Anyone. Free Classified Advertisers are not eligible for this program, as the pictures are the price of the Ad (exceptions noted). However Classified Advertisers are welcome to take a distinctly (obviously) different set of photos, that is not to be used in a Free Classified Ad, like say that other car in the garage, the one you do not want to sell, and those pictures will be very welcome in the NudeAutoMall's RevShare program. Photos taken on contract for the NudeAutoMall, or paid for by the NudeAutoMall, its affiliates, advertisers, etc. would also not be eligible for RevShare. We do require that you, the contributer, are the Legal owner of the photos that you contract to us. In the event you are not the legal owner you agree you are liable to the NudeAutoMall, for all Legal fees, all damages, and compensation in all aspects and time lost due to such. And you agree that the NudeAutoMall will not be liable in any and all efforts we feel necessary to pursue you for such damages.

Promotion and the bad side of people: As said you are more than welcome to promote any or all galleries you contribute to the NudeAutoMall. We do ask that you let us know so we can build an entry / warning page for your gallery(s). Spam, unfortunately wherever there is money involved there will be those that think spam is a perfectly legitimate form of promotion, if that is you, go away. If you use spam, your galleries are forfeit, and we will pursue you for damages the same way we would pursue a thief (see above), for the theft of personal rights is just as bad as the theft of property. People that are bothered by nudity, are just as entitled not to have to see it, as we are entitled to see it, that's called respect!

On the better note, for the good in all of us, let's make some good honest money together, and have a little fun at, while we're at it.

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