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Hot Rod Sights
  Sights that like a little muscel with their machine

Lowrider Haven An online magazine dedicated to Lowriders.
Rumpsville An online Hot Rod magazine featuring all the Great Legends; custom car builders, Ed Roth, Grabowski, Von Dutch, Barris, Himsl, but not my favorite Dick Deen.
Babez.de A German online magazine in English, dedicated to Sports Cars.
KoolWheelz Some Nice Hot Rods.
Kustom Rodder Customs form Austraila.
Greaser Garage Hot Rods from Pennsylvania Car Shows. Nice Websight graffics.
Strange Volvo A German Sight on Hot Rods, mainly an old Volvo. And a lot of old Pinup Art.
Squiz Motors Directory An English Directory of all types auto related websights.
PedalcarPlus How about some Hot Rod Pedal Cars?
Rod Shop A Hot Rod Shop Down Under, ever sqeese a RR V12 into a 55 Chevy, they did.
eSuperchargers Electronic Superchargers, a little boost, at a fraction of the cost.
Jalopnik Anyone who has this to say about us has got to be our kind of people. "Ever since Uuunga Thurman straddled the first stone wheel to pose for a cave painting, beautiful women have adorned automobile ads. It was only a matter of time and technology that some brilliant bastard came up with the clothing-optional classified ad. (By “optional” I, of course, mean “see ya.”) The Nude Auto Mall? Damn, and I though no one would ever top strip newscasts."
MotorPride A place to brag about your ride.
automobile-portal A large index of Aoto related pages.
Ms Metal A Great Gal that is into some serious Auto Alterations, like Spider Web Fender Skirts. Got your interest?

Vote for us at Kustom Top Sights, or that is what the sighn says anyhow, sorta lame hay, there's no place to vote once your there, it's just counting your click on their link as a vote. Then once your there they have a condom sight listed as the most popular HotRod sight. So why am I listing them at all, well two reasons actualy, there really is a lot of good HotRod sights listed there, you just have to ignore the BS, and I like that he isn't so arigant as to require everyone to trash out their frunt page with banners; when I go to a websight I would like to see that sight not a bunch of garbage cluttering it up, that I have to push my way through to even find the enter button. This guy supports that, and I apreciat such. Now if we could get him to quit requireing a banner.

A Hot Rod link sight, full of what else, links to HotRod sights.

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